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Calling all terrorists. Part II

Calling all terrorists.  Part II

An online dictionary defines "terrorist" as a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. defines "terrorism" as a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
The F.B.I. reveals that the International Community has not come to a consensus regarding what "terrorism" actually is.

I personally think terrorism goes beyond pipe bombs or rigged cars or an I.E.D. planted by a deceived and delusional murderer in a shopping plaza. Standing in my quiet kitchen in my new jeans watching the story about the pollution in China gave me the perspective that I was an accomplice to an environmental disaster.  The computer I am typing on now was, most likely, physically produced by exhausted and grossly underpaid workers and when it reaches it's end my computer will be stripped down and melted, releasing toxic waste into the starving, exhausted humans who climb through mountains of tech junk everyday to survive.  I have never seen these places but I know they exist because someone took the time to reveal these things to all of us and put them on the internet.  I once worked in a shipping warehouse and my legs would continually throb in pain from the concrete floors I walked on.  I could barely move when my weekend would slowly arrive and that was only after a 40-hour work week, not an 80-hour work week with no lunch breaks and no weekends off.  I can identify, a little, with the suffering of a slave laborer standing in a factory because I have a comparison.

It's limited but I have a perspective.  Without perspective I have little empathy or comprehension.  The internet has given us perspective we never had before.  The things once in the dark are now in the light.

I drive a car, therefore I pollute.  I am a human being living in ease because others are suffering to some extent for my comforts.  I have to consume to exist, even with careful consumption. It is how the world has been set up in the last thirty or more years and it is only getting worse, much worse, for all of us on this planet.  The planet itself is suffering because it cannot sustain how her resources are being grossly extracted without a rest.  It's a system we are all enduring and participating in every day.

What about the people who are responsible for this system?  What should happen to them? Unless you are brutally suffering in a sub-human existence of starvation, discomfort, exhaustion and look forward to only misery and more misery every minute of your life, like billions on the planet are now enduring, you are a participant in their misery.  You and I are the "them".

We are participating in a system. We are living in a system that destroys peoples lives, reducing them to expendable things that make perishable things for some to make gross profits from. It's a global system that we blindly created when we didn't know what we were heading into; when we were ignorant about what we were doing, what our corporations were doing and what our politicians were doing.
Now we have the internet.
Now we see what we are living in and what the cost is.  We cannot claim blindness anymore.  We have to do what we can do to extract ourselves out of the system.  The first thing is self-education and when you begin that process it will take a lot to not be overwhelmed with shock or anger by what you will discover.  Keep going until you find a way to participate in a new way.  Don't get stuck, do. 

What about the people driving the system?  As much as they have insulated themselves away from humanity with unimaginable greed and indifference they are in the same predicament we are in, because, the seas are rising and that is a scientific fact.  A fact. 

TED Talk James Balog Time-lapse Proof Of Extreme Ice Loss ...

Infinitely more sobering is the fact, the absolute, certain, undeniable fact that Jesus Christ is coming.

You may not be a fan of the Bible or have never even opened it, or, at the same time both, but in one interesting conversation with his disciples regarding His return, Jesus Christ says an incredible thing that has not happened in the history of man but is happening now.

"There will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on earth dismay among nations, in perplexity of the roaring of the sea and the waves,
Luke 21:25

Is that literal?  I read that literally.  One hundred years ago if I were alive I probably would have made that quote regarding the seas a metaphor, but the seas are rising.   If the seas and waves roaring is a metaphor speaking about the nations in dismay, are the nations not in dismay?  What's your perspective?  Do you not dare watch the news anymore because of calamity after calamity?  What is your perspective?  It's important to challenge your perspective because if you can look at data and images of glaciers calving and watch the news as men try to comprehend what to do with global catastrophes or potential economic collapse, mass murders, wars and environmental destruction and be in perplexity; if you can look at all of that and not be the slightest bit engaged or challenged by it, how can you comprehend what is coming spiritually?

If you cannot accept the things that are seen what will you do with the things unseen?

To be continued.

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